Oversize load

Oversized (heavy) load cargo of which the dimensions or weight are higher than the maximum allowed values set in the countries through which the oversize cargo is transported. Oversized cargo transportation is governed by the rules for oversized and very heavy cargo transportation, which vary, depending on the domestic laws of the country.

Oversize load escort

UAB ONZE can offer you oversize and heavy goods transportation in Lithuania and abroad. Oversized cargo transportation is a rather difficult task, which requires special equipment, experienced team and driver, and sometimes cargo escort (pilot), freight forwarding agent

Project cargo:

  • metal products and constructions;
  • modular and frame houses;
  • industrial equipment;
  • reinforced concrete products;
  • yachts, boats, boats;
  • other oversized objects, the dimensions of which exceed the standard size of the load.

wide load transport

container flat rack

over dimensional cargo

wide load 

wide load permit

project cargo ships

oversize load trucking


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