Unloading of cars from the USA from containers in Klaipeda is organized by bringing the container to a specialized loading place. Before unloading the cars, the container is removed from the chassis and placed on the ground. A container loader is used to move the containers. This not only simplifies the unloading procedure, but also makes it strange to bring any amount of containers at night, and to carry out loading operations during daylight hours. Tuom loading operations after removing the container to the ground are superior to loading using a mobile ramp.

Cargo securing

After removing the container and obtaining permission from the customs authorities to unload, the container lines and the customs transit seal shall be cut off. Cars are reconfirmed – loosening and removing belts or wooden structures used to fix the cargo during transportation.


The filming of the discharge is one of the inseparable processes in order to record the condition / completage of the arriving car and thus avoid misunderstandings and claims. Therefore, the process of unloading each car is fully filmed by a separate person. The information is uploaded to the computer and stored for 20 days.

Unloading of cars from the USA

Unloading of cars from the USA from containers in Klaipeda is carried out by special 5-ton triplex-type loaders with overwintered forks. Work is carried out by experienced forklift drivers.

Storage on the site

The unloaded car is driven to the storage area, in the fuel is stored until loading.

Eye safety/cameras/physical protection

There is a fully fenced fence in the square, and with the help of installed high-resolution cameras, constant monitoring of the site is carried out. Physical protection is carried out by a private security company.

Loading of cars on car transporters

We carry out loading on motor vehicles every working day from 8:00 to 14:30. The process is carried out in a separate zone, which is separated from the parking lot. We load cars both on road transporters and on highways.

Customs warehouse

Car storage is carried out in the goldsmith / zone under customs supervision.

Documentation formation

We provide all the necessary documentation for cars: T1 with a guarantee necessary for the delivery of the container, placement in a customs warehouse, re-port. If necessary, we form a discrepancy and write letters to the customs authorities.

If you are interested in the unloading of cars from the USA in Klaipeda – contact us to discuss the conditions, terms and prices.