Warehousing services in Klaipeda port

Today’s logistics chain ports plays an increasingly important role. Freight transport through ports makes processes more efficient, cheaper and safer. Cargo warehousing in port area is gaining popularity every day, as it is possible to accumulate extremely large batches of cargo. Warehousing services in Klaipeda port are rapidly expanding and gaining popularity. Port companies employ technical, organizational and information allotment tools and it is used in the reception, calculation, storage or release of cargo. The storage process in port performs two main functions: helps to increase the efficiency of the cargo flow and ensures quality transit, during which changes or additions to the cargo are often required. If you want to ensure your cargo is cared for thoroughly and reliably, it is important to choose suppliers offering professional storage services only.

Bonded warehouse or a public warehouse?

Since cargo storage is a intermediate point a of different processes, it is important to understand the difference between different types of warehouses. The following main types of warehouses are distinguished:

  • Bonded Warehouses can contain various goods which do not have the status of the European Union, are not subject to import duties and taxes.
  • Public Warehouses can contain goods which have the status of the European Union. In a public warehouses, logistics services are carried out incessantly, such as sorting preparation for transport or trade.

Main stages of storage

  • Acceptance. At this stage, the following processes are carried out: calculation, identity and account control, identification of accepted items. Identity control means sorting stored materials according to their weight, dimensions, temperature, etc.
  • Storage. It shall ensure that all stored loads are properly and thoroughly maintained, labelled, sorted. Storage is carried out only with modern, high-quality technique, which ensures that this stage proceeds extremely smoothly, safely.
  • Preparation and shipping of the order. When it comes time to load the goods from the warehouse to another mode of transport, a careful selection and preparation of the necessary goods may be carried out. Customers are also offered high loading speeds that allow the process to be performed extremely efficiently.

The main tasks of storage are to accept the necessary materials, goods or commodities, to preserve them qualitatively and reliably, by controlling their storage conditions and, if necessary, to prepare for dispatch and to load them in another means of transport.

Our services:

  • Storage of oversized and heavy goods;
  • Bulk cargo storage;
  • Storage of palletised cargo;
  • Storage of packaged cargo;
  • Storage of organic products;
  • Container storage;
  • Loading-discharging operations;
  • Manual and mechanical handling;
  • Consolidation of cargoes in stock;
  • Measurement, weighing and placement of goods;
  • Palletizing of goods;
  • Bulk cargo packaging;
  • Submission of the necessary reports;
  • Selection and collection of orders according to various requirements;
  • Sorting, marking and repackaging;
  • Collection of orders and batches of items;
  • Exchange of warehouse reports through EDI.


Free storage in the port is available for up to 30 days. Longer free storage periods may be possible with commitment and large cargo quantities. For cargo warehousing at Klaipeda port please contact us.