Full container load (FCL)

Full container load (FCL)is a method of transporting goods in a special packaging – a marine container. Marine containers are standardized – 20′, 40′ or 45’feet– so during their transportation there is no difference in type, weight, dimensions or specifics of the cargo. The transport of full containers also means that all the goods in the container are indicated on a single consignment note and belong to one party. And it doesn’t matter how many cargo is loaded into the container. Freight payment is made per full container.

Containerization, which globally increases by 3 percent annually, allows goods to be transported to anyplace in the world. It is possible to transport to the door of the consignee or cargo can be picked up from the shipper’s door using an road transport or railway, and thereafter transported by sea. It is also relevant for the owner of the goods that the ordered production is transshipped as little as possible in intermediate ports and that the container would not be opened until it reaches the buyer.

Container standardization has come to the aid of containerization and the container has become easier to transport. A multimodal way of goods transporting has been developed, so the same container can be transported by land, water and rail transport. This has greatly popularized container transport, and today it is one of the most economical ways of transporting goods.

Full container loads (FCL) benefits:

  • faster transit time than LCL;
  • faster clearance ,
  • the choice of container lines,
  • the choice of route;
  • less transhipments and damages;
  • there is no possibility to lose cargo or part of the cargo at transshipment terminals;
  • separate sealed container only for you.

How we work with sea carriages

We have contracts with all container lines and, thanks to extremely good relations and large quantities of cargo, we can offer you more competitive prices. We are the connoisseurs of our craft, we always hold our hand on the pulse, and we know what lines and which ports contain surplus containers, and where there is a deficit. We are also analyzing the utilization and space availability of containerships so that we know when sea carriers have vacancies on both feeder and ocean vessels. We use international partner networks to consolidate container flows, thus we get a better freight than you would get directly from container lines.

What kind of goods we carry

Liquid, bulk products, oversizedor temperature-sensitive goods are the main goods we transport.

Transport of full containers (FCL) by land

We have annual contracts with container carriers and provide them with high cargo flows. As we manage import flows, we can offer a competitive price for the “return container” transport. We organize shipments around Lithuaniaand around the territories of Latvia or Belarus.

We carry extremely heavy containers in Lithuania

One of the strengths of JSC Onze is the transportation of heavy containers in Lithuania. The company uses three-axle tractors in a combination with lightweight three-axle container semi-trailers. This allows the transport of extremely heavy containers (cargo weight up to 27.5 – 28 t) and the total mass of the formation does not exceed 45 tonnes (44 tonnes with a tolerance of not more than 1 tonne).

Why choose us?

  • competitive sea freight;
  • deferral of payment;
  • customer-oriented services;
  • complete set of documents;
  • customs agent services;
  • Procedures of national port system KIPIS
  • backload containers in THE LT, LV, BY and RU areas.

For full container load (FCL) quotes, please contact us today.