Customs brokerage services in Klaipeda are also provided in combination with other services and goods.

Our customs agents provide only fast and professional services. Services cover a wide range of services, from preliminary tax calculation, document preparation to submission of documents and customs representation.

customs regulation

For a company that wishes to export or import its products to/from third countries (non-European Union countries), we will first explain how such activities are regulated by the Customs Regulations.   The representative of the customs agent shall fill customs documents on the basis of   the documents (contracts, invoices) presented by the customer and submit them to the customs authorities. Depending on the customs procedure chosen (import, export, re-export), an appropriate set of documents such as customs declaration,  CMR consignment note, certificates of origin, permits, required certificates or written instructions must be completed. The customs agent’s representative shall have his personal electronic signature (EORI number) valid throughout the European Union. In this way, he shall assume responsibility for the correctness of the particulars contained in the customs declaration. Please note that in practice all customs declarations are submitted via the Internet using automatic data-processing techniques (MDAS).

In order to protect our customers from additional customs formalities concerns, our company’s customs agent provides other services:

  • preparation of customs documents in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in force
  • preparation of cargo and accompanying documents,
  • customs representation of customers
  • guarantee for import and transit procedures, etc.
  • consultations on the various customs procedures
  • customs agent in Klaipeda in your port

What customs services do we do

Customs brokerage services in Klaipeda we perform:

Non-return export   – when Union goods leave the customs territory of the Union to third countries or to special fiscal areas (Art. 134 DA)

Release for free circulation (imports for home use) means the release for free circulation of non-Union goods. After this customs procedure, the goods begin to circulate freely in the customs territory of the Republic of Lithuania. Under this customs procedure, the importer must pay the import duty and other taxes on the goods at a flat-rate level.

Customs transit   means the movement of goods under customs control between customs offices. Import duties and other charges have not been paid in respect of the goods in transit and a security must be lodged with   the customs authorities in the course of transit.

‘Customs warehousing’ means goods, brought from abroad, for which import duties and taxes have not been paid, are stored in places designated by the customs authorities, in certain premises under customs control or in customs warehouses.

Inward processing   means non-Community goods imported for processing, working procedures, repairs, and processed products derived there are re-exported back abroad. Goods imported under this procedure shall be subject to conditional relief from import duties and taxes and compensating products obtained and re-exported from them shall be subject to export duties and taxes. Inward processing goods or compensating products derived therefrom must be transported back abroad within the re-export period fixed by the customs authorities.

Temporary admission   means the introduction of non-Union goods into the customs territory. This procedure shall be carried out only with the permission of the customs authorities. Under the temporary import procedure, non-Union goods intended for re-exportation (in their form, excluding normal depreciation for normal use) may be used for their intended purpose in the customs territory of the Union, with total or partial relief from import duty. In most cases, such a procedure applies to goods intended for demonstration or use at exhibitions, fairs or similar events; goods imported for educational, scientific and cultural purposes; personal effects and goods for sporting purposes imported by passengers; tourism information materials, etc.

Outward processing   means   Union goods declared for the outward processing procedure. Under the outward processing procedure, the goods may be temporarily exported for processing. Processed products derived from these goods may be released for free circulation with total or partial relief from import duty. In this case, an appropriate request must be made.

Customs brokerage agreement to be signed

In order to become our customer, you need to sign a customs brokerage service agreement. Under the customs agent’s service contract, we will represent the customers in the customs office: we will prepare the necessary customs documents and, if necessary, physically represent the customer during the cargo inspection. We will also represent customers at the customer’s request at the Territorial Customs Office or the Customs Department on matters relating to the declaration of the customer’s goods (when applying; obtaining authorizations, certificates and other documents; obtaining explanations on customs procedures or customs-approved treatment, classification of goods; by providing samples of goods (samples) to a customs laboratory for the classification of goods, etc.).

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