Registration of the EORI code

Often, customers face a problems exporting or importing goods for the first time. Problem is caused by the absence of an EORI code.

EORI is the code for the registration and identification of economic operators in the European Union. This code shall be provided by the customs department of the Member State to economic operators and other persons. The EORI number is used to identify economic operators and other persons in their dealings with customs authorities, i.e. . customs formalities (clearance of customs procedures for import, export, transit, applications for authorisations provided for by customs rules, etc.). The EORI number allocated in one Member State is also valid in other Member States, so there is no need to register and obtain an EORI number for imports or exports of goods in the EU.

The following persons must register/re-register:

  • who are only trading in the EU internal market and who do not participate in trade with third countries, provided that they intend to carry out trade operations requiring customs clearance;
  • with EORI codes issued by the customs authorities of the United Kingdom as an EU country (including third-country persons), as these codes will expire in the EU27 from the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

We solve the problem of the absence of an EORI code in about an hour’ time, because during this time we register the company’s EORI code in the Customs Department of the LR. When registering an EORI number in the Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania, the code is formed in the following order: the letters LT are added to the company code.

You can read about the registration and identification code of economic operators on the LT customs page. More information can be found here.

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