Forklift trucks rental for loading services in Lithuania is provided to both natural and legal persons. JSC “Onze” offers a fleet of forklifts, which can be adapted for various loading and discharging works. Forklift trucks can be rented:

  • together with the operator;
  • without operator;
  • with delivery to the place of loading;
  • without delivery to the place of loading;
  • with additional accessories or equipment;
  • without additional accessories or equipment.

Since we are a transport company we also provide forklift transportation services in Lithuania. We will deliver and unload the loader in a place and time convenient for you. Forklift truck rental for loading services – for your services!

Forklift truck rental for loading services

Short-term forklift rental

We provide only short-term rental of loaders. Short-term forklift rentals are a period of between one day and three months. This service will meet the expectations of those customers whose loading and/or cargo volumes and frequencies are periodic. Very often, customers look for a forklift truck only when it comes to loading larger quantities of cargo, because when loading with their existing hand or electric pallet carts, the work becomes unproductive.

In many cases, the rental of short-term forklift trucks for loading services is requested by customers whose carrying capacity of the warehouse equipment is too low to load or unload the required load. Sometimes customers turn when the loader is needed for additional work during the season or just for urgent loading.

Consultations on rental and loading issues

JSC Onze advises on various rental and loading works issues. We help you choose the best forklift rental option that will meet all the necessary technical requirements. After finding out the customer’s needs and work goals, we will offer the most optimal solution that ensures quality and price.

Forklift truck rental for loading services in Lithuania

Why choose JSC Onze services?

  • Large selection of loaders;
  • Flexible terms and conditions for the rental of forklift trucks;
  • The latest forklift models;
  • Technically tidy equipment;
  • Consultations;
  • Door delivery;

Selection of loading equipment

Forklift models that we have in the rental park:

  • Engine (fuel) type: LPG, diesel, traction battery: LiON / Lead Acid
  • Lifting capacity: 1-1.8 t, 2-2.5 t, 3-3.5 t, 4-5.5 t, 6 t
  • Fork length: according to customer’s wishes
Forklift truck rental

Heavy load handling

If it is necessary to load or unload heavy loads from containers or vehicles – we recommend using loading services in Klaipeda port or mobile crane rental. These are alternative solutions for customers to save time and perform loading services safely.

Contact JSC Onze specialists today and load loads with a forklift truck tomorrow.