JSC Onze provides services for you and your business. We provide a wide range of services and expand the range of services every day, as long as such a need arises. In this way, we give you the opportunity to get everything in one place and from one hand. After all, it is not very convenient to buy one service from one supplier and another from another, the third from the third. This requires a lot of time for communication, receipts of a quotes, price and quality comparison, order delivery and control. It will also need syncronisation of delivery times and places where those services will be performed. Failure to respect the terms of performance services can lead both to financial loss and to termination of the contract. Often, orders have to be compounded by communication disturbances, time differences between countries, so we are no longer able to control everything. It’s so much work to do and there is always so little time. Every transport or logistics specialist will confirm that he has stayed after working hours or even worked at the weekend to guess everything to do on time. 

There is a solution. Book a package deal with us and save time. You will be able to finish work at the desired time and enjoy a larger amount of free time. Save your time, entrust logistics problems to us and use the service packages provided by JSC Onze. We will investigate all possible transportation routes and options, make an offer with several possible transportation routes and options along with the necessary additional services. We will book all necessary carriers, stevedoring or surveyor companies. We will pack cargo, arrange marking and labeling, take care of all necessary documents, and timely courier to required location. Throughout the whole transport route, you will be fully and promptly informed about the progress of the works and services, and deviations from the plan, if such arise.

Services provided by JSC Onze:

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