RO-RO cargo transportation

RO-RO cargo transportation is a passion and specialization of JSC Onze. The name RO-RO is an abbreviation for the English term Roll-On Roll-Off. This mode of transport is used for the transport of goods which have wheels or are attached to platforms with wheels. Most often, in RO-RO vessels are transported cars, agricultural or mining machinery and railway wagons or oversized cargoes.


Vehicles such as ferries have integrated mechanismsfor unloading vehicles in ports, but larger vessels, such as car carriers, use port infrastructure and do not have the ability to unload cargo independently. The purpose of RO-RO vessels is the transport of vehicles by waterways and where transport by land or air makes no sense due to economic or geographical conditions. The car carriers – ships carrying vehicles on overseas routes – have a covered deck and have a high altitude. They also have many different high decks, where loads of different height can be loaded.

RORO in Lithuania and abroad

RO-RO cargo transportation is very popular in the world and perhaps a little less popular in Lithuania. Maybe because we don’t have a huge car manufacturing industry. The closest manufacturers are in Belarus and Russia, and small quantities of equipment is transported through Lithuania. German car production giants are delivering cars to Lithuania by land because there is no high car volumes involved.

RO-RO Cargo inland delivery and Chartering by Sea

We organize RO-RO cargo delivery to European ports (Antwerp, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Zeebrugge)where ocean RO-RO vessels call. We organize cargo loading on board and complete cargo documentation. We charter both individual vehiclesand full RO-RO ships to preferred discharging ports. We connect different shipping lines services and provide you with one transport schedule and route. We arrange safe and timely arrival of your cargo to the port of loading or discharging. Entrust cargo transportation to professionals!

Oversized cargoes chartering on roll trailers

One of the activities of JSC Onze is the transportation of oversized cargoes by RO-RO vessels. We arrange precarriage of cargo to the port of loading or oncarriage of cargo after discharging to the destination. We carry out stevedoring operations and fastening services at the port of loading or discharging. If necessary, we take care of empty the MAFI cargo-trailer delivery in advance so the cargo can be loaded and secured in advance before vessel arrival.


  • Delivery of RO-RO equipment to the port of loading;
  • Transportation of oversized cargoes;
  • RO-RO cargo loading and fastening;
  • Chartering of a vessel or cargo to a selected port;
  • Loading and fastening schemes;
  • Complete documentation throughout transportation;

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