Loading and shipment of sawn wood in containers

The loading and shipment of sawn wood in containers is an activity that requires not only specific knowledge but also experience and ingenuity. Each wood package is different, and different humidity levels greatly affect the weight of the load. The main task of each forwarder is to arrange all the processes so that everything goes smoothly. Today, with the decrease in import flows to Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a backload container. The choice of lines is also declining, so, in general terms, competition is decreasing. And it’s not playing in the customer’s favor. Again, when loading the back container by truck, the full payload of the container can not be used – the transport law does not allow. Therefore, we usually load 26-26.5 tons of cargo, although the payload of the container is 28-29 tons.

So if you cant find a return container for your load, please contact JSC Onze specialists. We already have a solution to this problem – it is the loading of a containers in the port .

When loading a container in the port, the main benefits are:

  • the full payload of the container can be used,
  • the cheapest lines can be used, as it is not necessary to use lines that have backload containers,
  • the loads of different sawmills/consignors can be assembled,
  • it is possible to accumulate huge quantities of cargo,
  • it is possible to quickly load the desired quantity of containers on board;
  • the wood dries during longer storage,
  • if necessary, the load may be loaded onto a bulk carrier,
  • the technique used in the port allows you to load any dimensions and weight packs,

Loading and transporting wood in containers is a logistically attractive solution for every customer. Because we:

  • we will find and place the railway wagon or truck at the loading point,
  • we will select best loading terminal according to the size of the wood packaging,
  • we will select a container line,
  • we will organise timber discharge from a motor vehicle or railway wagon,
  • we will organize the loading of wood into containers,
  • we will formalise the necessary customs documentation,
  • we will issue the necessary documents( phytosanitary certificate; certificate of origin or EUR1),
  • arrange fumigation of wood in a container,
  • if necessary, we will take photos of the loading process,
  • we will order a sea transport by container or ship,

Organization of wood loading in Klaipeda port.

Contact JSC Onze specialists today and get a competitive loading and transportation offer.