The transportation of aircraft and helicopters is one of the more complex transportation processes. There are various types, sizes, gauges, weights of aeroplanes, and therefore it takes enough time to calculate the exact cost of transportation. After all, it is necessary to evaluate all factors, as well as to anticipate possible problems, to assess weather conditions. After all, planes cost not one million Euros, so it is necessary to carefully analyze, measure and think about everything.

Dismantling of aeroplanes and helicopters

In order to achieve a better transport price for our customers, we recommend dismantling the planes. Depending on the chosen mode of transportation, it will most likely be necessary to remove the wings. It is very difficult to transport large loads. If the length of the aeroplane is very large, it may be necessary to reduce it, i.e. divide the aeroplane fuselage into two or more parts.

Transportation of aeroplanes and helicopters by road.

The transport of aeroplanes and helicopters by road is a responsible process that requires both knowledge and technical capabilities. When transporting aeroplanes by road, it may be necessary to carry out:

  • Route study;
  • Bridge expertise;
  • Conclusion of transportation project;
  • Obtaining permits for oversized cargoes;
  • Cargo escort.

Selection of the necessary car vehicle

Depending on the dimensions of the load, we will select the necessary vehicle and order it. If the necessary vehicles are not available in Lithuania, we will use foreign carriers. JSC Onze cooperates with oversized cargo carriers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Transportation of aeroplanes and helicopters by sea transport.

The transport of aeroplanes and helicopters by sea can be carried out in several ways. Depending on the transport route and time required, we will choose the most optimal mode of transportation, draw up an action plan and successfully implement everything. We provide you with all options for transporting planes and helicopters by sea.

Transportation on one 40’FR container

One of the easiest transportation is cargo transportation in 40’FR containers. You can find out the 40’FR measurements and permissible weights here. If the cargo fits on one 40’FR container, the aircraft on the container can be loaded and secured directly in the container terminal. The container with the plane will be loaded onto a container ship with special spreders, which are adapted for the loading of oversize cargo into container ships.

Spreader used for loading oversize loads

Depending on the size of the cargo, you will have to pay for the lost seats on board the ship, so the cost of transporting such cargo is very high. How the lost “slots” are counted can be seen in the image below.

Calculation of lost space on board
Calculation of lost space on board

Transportation on several 40’FR containers.

Since 40’FR containers are foldable, there are several uses of containers for the transport of goods. If the cargo gauges or weight are very large, fold 40’FR containers are used. Initially, they are loaded onto the ship, and only after all the necessary 40’FR containers are in their place, the cargo is loaded. The cargo shall be placed on the containers placed on board and secured. This procedure is time-intensive enough, but it is one of the most effective ways of transporting cargo.

Transportation on mafi platform RORO or ferry lines

The Mafi platform is an oversized cargo vehicle used by ferries or RORO lines. Most often, lines have their own mafi platforms, but it also happens when the use of the mafi platform of another line is allowed. This requires additional harmonisation. However, there are no ferry lines in Lithuania to reach Hamburg, Antwerp or Rotterdam. After all, the big RORO ships are only departing from there. Therefore, transportation to these ports will require a low-bed platform.

Mafi Platform
Mafi Platform

Transport by ship or barge when the cargo is chartered as a full or partial load.

The carriage of aeroplanes and helicopters by single ship is possible, but a larger amount of cargo needs to be accumulated. Transporting individual units by ship can simply be inefficient and very expensive.

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