Cargo transportation by tent semi-trailers in Europe and CIS countries is carried out by various tent semi-trailers (from 92 to 120 cubic meters). The selection of the vehicle shall be carried out on the basis of the quantity, weight and measurements of the load.

Selection of tent semi-trailers by load

The greatest advantage of tent semitrailers over hard-edged is the ability to load loads over the top, side and rear door. This enables these vehicles to be conveniently and quickly loaded with long loads up to 13 m long. Loading can be done by loading several loaders from the side or through the top by crane. Tents are most often transported long loads: packaged wood, reinforcement, pipes, equipment, reinforced concrete products.

The carriage of goods by tent semi-trailers is carried out on tilt curtain semi-trailers with a curb and without a curb.

Tilt curtain semitrailers with a curb are less convenient for unloading and loading loads, since additional actions are needed – opening the curbs, dismantling the beams. These minor inconveniences are compensated by the increased safety of the cargo during transportation – the cargo will not shift, since its movement is limited by the curb. Some loads do not require resting with belts when loaded into such a semi-trailer.

Tent semitrailers without a curb (curtain semitrailers) are very convenient for loading palletized or packaged loads. The curtain tent moves easily, so it is very easy for the truck driver to open and close such a tent semitrailer. All transported goods must be additionally fitted with belts.

Types of cargo that we carry in tent semi-trailers:

  • Palleted cargoes;
  • Break bulk cargoes;
  • Packaged loads;
  • Cargoes in bundles;
  • Liquid cargoes in drums;
  • Liquid cargoes in flexitank

Carriage of goods by tent semi-trailers is usually carried out after loading of the following goods:

  • peat;
  • granules;
  • fertilizers;
  • cereals;
  • salt;
  • food;
  • steel reinforcements
  • Tubes
  • reinforced concrete products,
  • equipment;

Types of semi-trailers that we use for cargo transportation.

  • Standard tent. Suitable for most cargo transportation. Usable volume: 92m3
  • Jumbo: increased capacity semi-trailer. Capacity increased due to the special arrangement of the floor and smaller wheels of the semi-trailer. Usable volume 96m3
  • Mega: semi-trailer with even higher capacity. Capacity increased by reducing the floor and wheels of the semi-trailer. Usable volume 100m3
  • Road train: suitable for carrying light bulk cargoes. Usable volume 120m3
  • Organisation of cargo transportation by tent semi-trailers

    JSC Onze land transport department employees are a team of professionals who know the organization of the logistics process very well. Workers with extensive experience can anticipate possible problems of trenching/loading/fastening and take preventive action immediately. Therefore, we will offer the right truck for your cargo, arrive at the place of loading and deliver the cargo to the place of unloading at the agreed time.

    Depending on the time required for the delivery of the cargo, several working modes of drivers can be organized.

    One shift working mode

    One truck with a tent semi-trailer is driven by one driver. The driver works one shift per day.

    Working mode for two shift drivers

    The two-shift operating mode ensures high efficiency of the vehicle. For this we use two drivers in one truck with a tent semi-trailer. Drivers work two shifts a day and thus the speed of transportation is doubled. You can read more about drivers’ rest regime here.

    To quickly transport cargoes contact JSC Onze land cargo managers today!