Tipping chassis with a rotary valve

Tipping chassis with a rotary valve for unloading powder or granules products transported in sea or bulk containers. Usually load is loaded loose after liner bag installation into container .   During unloading, the rotary valve allows safe unloading of the load and helps to avoid all possible problems.   The rotary valve is powered by a   24 V electric current.   The compressor in the towing vehicle supplies compressed air, which lifts the mechanism of the tipping chassis. Cargo begins to move down from its own weight.

This specific method of unloading shall be proposed for products with a density between 0,3 and 1,2. The mainly unit is used to unload sugar, PE and PP granules.


Transport or unloading   processes never cause damage to goods;
Loading does not require much space;
No additional equipment is required;
The equipment is operated by the driver himself and no other person is required to perform the unloading;
It is a very clean and hygienic mode of transportation.

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