Stevedoring services at Klaipeda port. The loading and discharging of vessels, marine containers, wagons and motor vehicles is an activity that we organize every day. We operate not only on weekdays, but also on weekends as well. Your cargo safety and timely load/discharge operations are the most important factor for us.

We organize:

metalo lauzas
Loading and unloading of wagons and rail cars

We organize delivery of wagons from rail stations “Draugyste” and “Klaipeda” to cargo/port terminals. We organize fulfillment and presentation of all the necessary documents. We load and discharge hoppers, covered wagons, semi-wagons and container platforms. We load bulk, packed, heavy and oversize loads.

Possible loading schemes: wagon-vessel, wagon-warehouse-vessel, wagon – road transport, wagon-warehouse-road transport, wagon-warehouse-container, wagon-container.

loading services in the port of Klaipeda
Loading and discharging of cargo vessels

We organize the loading and unloading of vessels We load/discharge dry cargo, break-bulk, RO-RO, container vessels and tankers and barges. We provide agency services for all types of vessels at Klaipeda port. We organize oversized and heavy cargo handling.

Possible loading schemes: ship-wagon, ship-warehouse-wagon, ship-to-ship, ship-warehouse-trailer, ship-warehouse-container, ship-container.

Multimodal transport
Loading and discharging of containers

We organize cargo loading and discharging to/from sea containers. We load/discharge bulk cargoes, pallets, packets, frozen, break-bulk and liquid cargoes. We organize further haulages by high-speed trains Viking, Mercury, Saule and Vilnius Shuttle. We carry out the weighing, cleaning, repair of containers.

Possible loading schemes: container-wagon, container-warehouse-wagon, container-trailer, container-warehouse-transport, container-warehouse-container, container-vessel.

autotransporto pakrovimas ir iškrovimas
Loading and unloading of motor vehicles/trailers

 We organize cargo loading and discharging to/from the vehicle. We load bulk, break-bulk, heavy and oversize, frozen and liquid goods.

Possible loading schemes: transport-wagon, transport-warehouse-wagon, transport-container, transport-warehouse-container, transport-warehouse-container, transport-warehouse-ship, road transport-ship.

Cargo packing and packaging

We pack bulk cargoes into bags, big bags, containers with liner. We load liquid loads into IBC’s, tank containers, flexitanks or tank wagons.

Konteinerių tipai
Cargo storage services at Klaipeda port terminals

We can store cargoes in a customs warehouses and perform all the necessary customs procedures. Free storage in the port area for up to 30 days if full stevedoring services are ordered. Longer free storage periods may be possible with commitment and large cargo quantities.

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